Davao Light employees share blessings

Some kids are dying to be adults fast but some are forcibly thrown into it.

Employees of Davao Light and Power Co. spent an early Christmas with the beneficiaries of the the Department of Labor-XI's annual Christmas outreach program dubbed as Project Angel Tree.

The Project Angel Tree is open to all who wish to take part in DOLE-XI's fight against child labor, which is being supported by the Davao Light, its employees, the Income Davao - an Aboitiz employee cooperative and the Aboitiz Foundation. The Davao Light employees helped raise funds to make the children experience joy this Christmas.

Nineteen (19) child laborers ages 12-15 from the second district of Davao City were identified who are supported and monitored by Kaugmaon for Children's Rights and Social Development, Inc., an NGO partner of DOLE XI. They were invited and brought to a big mall in Davao City where they were given time to play in the arcade and enjoy like normal kids.

The kids were also treated with meals and snacks throughout the day. They went shopping after to buy their Christmas wishes with the assistance of the Davao Light volunteer- employees who stood as their "ates" and "kuyas".

When asked what they wanted to buy with their money, one replied, “Bugas lang (Rice will do),” and another one replied “Pukot ra akoa (Mine's fish net)”.

These kids were then reminded to buy what they want for themselves and not for their work or their families as they each get to bring home noche buena package for their Christmas celebration. They bought things from cellphone to clothing. A few can't help themselves and bought items for their parents and siblings.

Davao Light's support to the Project Angel Tree is now on its third year and its employees can't wait for another opportunity to help out more kids especially during the season of giving.