Davao Light's safety tips to make your fun-filled summer safer

It's summer time! Sun is out and it's the best time to be chilling out. Whether you're relaxing by the pool or enjoying the cool breeze outdoor, always keep in mind that electrical hazards could also exist.


Davao Light and Power Co., Inc. listed out some safety reminders to ensure that electrical hazards do not mess up your fun under the sun.


Electricity and water do not mix! When around pools, spas and other water activities, keep cords away from water for at least 10 feet and avoid using electrical devices. If possible, use battery operated electrical devices outside. Never handle electrical items when you are wet.


Never fly kites near power lines! With the bright sun and cool wind, kite flying sounds good during the summer. But aside from causing unscheduled power interruptions, kite flying near overhead power lines can cause electrocution hazards. You don't even have to touch live electrical wires to get electrocuted, just by being near these high voltage power lines your life could be put in danger. And if you're careless enough to get your kite caught in a power line, do not touch the line of the kite's string. Electricity can easily travel down from your kite lines to you regardless of the type of line you are using.


Climb trees away from power lines. Kids love to climb trees in the summer, but they should be guided that should only climb trees that are not close to power lines, most especially those trees that are not touching the line. The extra weight of the kids when they climb the tree could cause a branch to touch the line, which would be dangerous. In case the trees in your yard or neighborhood are too close to power lines, Davao Light will always be ready to help trim or cut those trees.


Checking is always a good idea. When you don't feel like going out, you could always spend your summer time by staying at home. Ensure that all electric outlets and appliances are in good condition. If in doubt, have an electrician check the house wiring and appliance to make sure it is safe to use.


Whatever your activity will be, always remember that every fun memories should be tagged along with safety. Don't let your summer become dull, dangerous and deadly and always be ready for some sunshine!