Davao Light explains recurring power interruptions in Dumoy and Bago

Customers of Davao Light and Power Co., Inc. in the areas of Bago Gallera, Bago Aplaya and Dumoy experienced recurring power interruptions yesterday, December 3.

The power interruption experienced between 1:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. was a scheduled one to facilitate rehabilitation works at Davao Light’s Toril Substation.

Based on the announcement released last Friday, Dec. 1, the scheduled outages should be for 15 minutes only. However, restoration was delayed due to a problem encountered during the transfer of loads from the affected substation to nearby lines.

At around 9:00 a.m., which is the scheduled normalization or return of load back to its normal set up, successive power interruptions happened. Based on the investigation, the power interruptions were due to the faulted line on DCWD’s pumping station. Restoration in all affected areas was completed at around 2:21 p.m..

At 5:26 p.m., another power interruption was reported in Bago Gallera. A busted lateral fuse was found to be the cause of the said outage. Majority of the areas were restored at 8:10 p.m..

Meanwhile, a defective line equipment was found near URC causing the service disruption affecting customers in portion of Bago Gallera at 10:30 p.m.. Repair work was completed at 3:00 a.m..

Davao Light apologizes for the inconvenience brought about by these power interruptions, which are unscheduled. Proper actions will be undertaken to avoid recurrence of this event.