Davao Light customers experience power interruptions due to heavy rain

The heavy rain coupled with strong winds has caused service disruptions in the various areas served by Davao Light and Power Co.yesterday, December 5.

Customers in Bangkal, Matina, Downtown, Buhangin, Sasa and other major areas within the city have experienced power interruptions. Upon survey, tree branches that touched the power lines have been the major cause of the power interruptions. Reported flooded areas as well were manually shut off for safety purposes.

The Davao Light crew tried to restore power at the earliest possible time. However, trimming works have been delayed due to the continued outpouring of rain. The response efforts of the electric utility’s emergency crews were hampered in view of the heavy traffic brought about by flood waters in several main thoroughfares. This resulted to a longer restoration of power in the affected areas.

To avoid this event from happening again, Davao Light urges cooperation from its customers especially to tree owners to allow trimming of their trees and to not plant trees near power lines.

The company has a trimming crew that goes around its franchise to check and respond to vegetation concerns near its power lines.For trimming requests, please contact 229-DLPC (3572).

Davao Light apologizes to its customers for the inconvenience brought about by the power interruptions that are beyond its control.