Davao Light's Upgraded Control Center, a Step to a More Reliable Power

In its aim for a more secure and efficient monitoring and control system for its power distribution services, Davao Light and PowerCo., Inc., an AboitizPower subsidiary, recently completed the upgrade of its ERA Control Center. Its name ERA was taken after one of the Company's former presidents, Ernesto R. Aboitiz (ERA).

Since reliability of power is the distribution utility company's utmost priority, Davao Light's ERA Control Center has been upgraded. This, is to provide tighter security controls on its components like the

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) server, instrumentation and relay panels to ensure long term dependability and protection as these facilities perform their critical functions.

A control center is responsible for the distribution and control of all different power sources used by the distribution utility. One of the control center’s components, the SCADA, is the centralized system that monitors and controls field devices in remote areas, gathers real-time data and helps maintain efficiency as it is the simple solution to avoid preventable network outages.

The real-time network monitoring provides visibility even of the remote sites allowing Davao Light’s emergency dispatch team’s immediate response to prevent more serious outage problems.

With these improvements, we can be assured of enhanced reliability, stability, security and quality of the power system. We can now monitor and control the distribution system more efficiently and securely. The ERA Control Center is very vital as it ensures that the major government and other important facilities will have a stable and uninterrupted supply of electricity especially during this time of pandemic where the treatment facilities for Covid-19 patients are among the priority establishments.”, said Engr. Virmel Dabon, Head of System Operations Department.

Davao Light continues to upgrade its facilities to provide better service to its customers, and advance business and communities.