Project BELT.COM aims to build a lineman's training and assessment facility at the regional training center of TESDA in Tibungco, Davao City.

Once operational, this will be the first lineman facility in Mindanao. We aim to increase the pool of qualified linemen that will help address the shortage of qualified and certified linemen in the power industry. In Davao City alone, the demand for skilled linemen is very high with the increasing demand for power that would entail construction of new transmission and distribution lines. Moreover, in Project BELT.COM, a training module will also be developed and be appropriately registered under TESDA's Unified Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Program Registration and Accreditation System. With this, once a trainee passes the training and assessment, he will get an NC II or National Certificate II from TESDA. This project actually is a continuation of our Project BEST and Project e.Lab where the passers of EIM Course can level up in their skills. These inter-related projects will not just benefit the community we serve but are also very beneficial to our business and can also help our other business units.