The e.Lab project is in line with Davao Light and Aboitiz Foundation's support to the Dept. of Education's TechVoc (Technical Vocational) Courses for the new curriculum called K to 12.

Unfortunately, the public schools that offer courses on techvoc like Electrical Installation and Maintenance (EIM) do not have complete facilities for students’ training. The intervention done by Davao Light as supported by the Aboitiz Foundation was to address the obvious gap by providing a fully functional and complete electrical laboratory for the Electrical Installation and Maintenance Course (EIM) of public high schools. The project involves providing training table facilities, assessment facilities, information wall and the project will include rewiring and repainting jobs. The lab is designed to look appealing to the learners with the goal in mind that it will encourage them to do well in learning the skill. The e.Lab is for the learners who will be taking up Electrical Installation and Maintenance (EIM) Course. Once they finish and pass the course, they will be issued by TESDA with a National Certification (NC) 2 and they will be full pledged electricians. This will provide the new electricians with better opportunities for gainful employment should they not pursue college yet or they might be encouraged to continue and take up electrical engineering. The benefits this project provide is not just for individual growth by acquiring the skills using complete facilities but it also impacts the community since there will be electricians who would provide service for the community's electrical needs and of course, this is very good for the Company's business, helping the bottom line. We want to create a value where we go beyond just mere compliance of a CSR Project and even beyond the sustainability of the project. A value of an improved life by providing an opportunity for growth in learning, experience and favorable employment condition. It could be the start of a good life for the graduate who would eventually provide a better life for his family.