Demand for the power is increasing as the population increases and as the city becomes urbanized. Davao Light has also been expanding its areas as the need increases. To cater to the community needs, this project has been conceptualized to increase or develop local or community-based electricians. Davao Light tapped the services of an accredited technical training school of Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA).

The accredited technical training school provide training for the beneficiaries from the selected barangays on-site on Basic Electrical Installation and Maintenance. The project aims to create opportunity for target beneficiaries to become TESDA certified electricians and prepare them for livelihood. This will create a pool of certified electricians in the Barangays that customers of Davao Light can easily call for their electrical needs. Having a handful of electricians would be very beneficial to the community as this will hasten new connections as well as create faster troubleshooting of electrical problems. This will also promote safer environment for each Davao Light customer household as they can use the services of the electricians to assess their connections and perform re-wiring tasks. The target group would be those interested to learn new skills as electricians coming from far-flung barangays. This project will provide other means of livelihood while waiting for harvest season since the most common source of income of barangay people in far-flung areas is farming. Considering the growing population and increasing electrical requirements, having a skilled electrician in the area will come in handy and very helpful for the barangays in far-flung areas that are connected to the grid. Most electricians are downtown- based and there are no available electricians in these areas forcing the households need to travel just to get an electrician to address even the most minor of their electrical needs. Having an electrician, someone they know within the barangay will give them quite the confidence to tap for their household electrical needs than someone they do not know in a far place. We are creating shared value in a way that we help provide livelihood for the community by creating more electricians within as well as help in making faster electrical connections. The faster the connections are installed would also be positive for business.